Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mr. Lazar D' Levine and his Invisible Girl!

drawing by ana traina ~ 2012
Mr. Lazar D' Levine and his Invisible Girl wanted to go to an astro-teller to check out their signs. For as compatible as Mr. D'  Levine and his Invisible Girl were, he wanted to make absolutely sure that she also was as keen as he when it came to sparkling wine. The meeting place for this fortunate event was to take place underneath a mystical and very purple Japanese Umbrella Pine.

The only trouble was Mr. Lazar had no idea where this wondrous pine stood. Although, he vaguely remembered, he heard it said, but only once I remind you, that there was a pine of this particular purplish kind...somewhere near or in the area of the southern arrow wood.

However, Mr. D' Levine’s Invisible Girl was becoming rather tetchy as she was wearing her very best, but terribly uncomfortable avocado-green high heeled shoes. Now tempers were high and toes were bruised, it was almost certain that one of them was about to absolutely blow a fuse. So with a fleck of his moustache a decision was made, they decided to go pet the Sea-dogs in the Schmitten Plaza Park’s zoo.