Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chocolate is a spice too!

photo by ana traina ~ 2012 ~
Yesterday after a much needed, very intense yoga class at Laughing Lotus and then lunch with my son Liam, I found myself roaming around my old neighborhood, Soho. I was looking for elements that would work for my puppet, Islwyn Jareth.  A new character in my stop-motion feature, "The Romantic Fiction of Maude Green," that I am currently and ever so happily working on.  There was an ease to my gait as I rediscovered my old stomping ground.  However, there was one rather shocking surprise, most of the little boutiques on Thompson street were closed down. This made me really sad. 

Then I spied Kee Chocolatier, a little shop where they make the most beautiful handmade chocolates. The shop has been open since 2002, and even though I had left the neighborhood in 2006, four years after they had opened, I had never stepped foot into the alluring confectionery house before. Why? You might ask. Well, the answer is that I have been on a diet my whole entire life and have tried to eat only foods that are good for me.

Be that as it may, I have recently discovered that chocolate has many healthy attributes... one is as a blood thinner... which helps prevent blood clots. O happy news for me, as I perused with my nose pressed against the shop's window, the spicy assortment of Kee's dazzling, delectable desserts, creamy chocolate truffles filled with green tea, Earl Grey tea, rose petals, pignoli, orange confit, jasmine, ginger and saffron... just to name a few!  

Then a thought sprung into my mind, Chocolate is a spice too! It would make a wonderful Zingertale! And so, I shyly stepped into Kee's shop hoping to snap a few quick photos of the bonbons but alas I just had to sinfully, yet so gleefully buy this tiny box of delights instead!

LAST BIT OF ODD AND END ~ Hmmm....The chocolate truffle with fennel is AAAAAAAAAAMAZING!!!!