Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Bit of Bunny Lore!

lauren swann, central park, 2011 by ana traina
I have often wondered about the Easter Bunny, where she came from and how she was able to delivery all those tasty treats on Easter morn, like chocolate egg creams and yellow chick peeps.  She most certainly did not slide down the sooty chimmey like Santa... So, I decided to do a little investigating, here is what I was able to discover and uncover!

The Easter bunny has its origins in pre-Christian fertility lore. Hares and rabbits served as symbols of abundant new life in the spring season. It really is a hare – not a rabbit – that symbolizes Easter.
From antiquity hares have been a symbol for the moon, and the first full moon after the vernal equinox determines the date for Easter.

Hares are born with their eyes open, while rabbits are born blind. The hare was thought never to blink or close its eyes, and it is a nocturnal creature, like the moon, of course. The hare also carries its young a month before giving birth – like the changing moon erupting into fullness monthly.

According to one legend, the Easter bunny was originally a large, handsome bird belonging to the goddess Eostre. One day she magically changed her pet bird into a hare. Because the Easter bunny is still a bird at heart, she continues to build a straw nest and fill it with eggs.

So being "aflight at heart" I've concluded that these magical creatures who bring us an entirety of sugary wealth on this most festive of days fly or hop or leap through our windows.  Windows that look out upon a moon full of hope and wonder.  A moon filled with the wrappings of a new day to come.  So yes dear zingertale readers, my counsel to you is keep your windows slightly ajar... bunnies like to hop into the clear, fresh adoring meadow of our lives!