Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keeping your Flower Vital!

photo by ana traina

Vaginal emollients are not just useful for the woman of a ‘certain age’, no, sometimes when women are very sportive, or under mega stress, this can cause one’s hormones to go wild as well.  The bothersome results being all kinds of unwanted symptoms like dryness, inflammation and irritation of the ultra sensitive vaginal region. 
Here is a terrific recipe for Vaginal Emollients that I found in Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair, by Dina Falconi -- 
A gentle, nourishing, lubricating and soothing oil for your Flower.
2 oz. Chamomile-infused olive oil
2 oz. Violet leaf-infused olive oil
3 oz. Shea butter
20 drops Fennel essential oil
Place Chamomile and Violet infused olive oil in a heat-proof measuring cup and add Shea butter. Place cup in a hot water bath. Stir oil and Shea butter until the butter is melted. When cool, it is ready to use. Apply the oil inside the vaginal walls and around the vaginal opening as needed.  
A Bit of Odd and End Advice ~ Remember, it is always best to keep things vital!