Friday, January 21, 2011

The Wishful Taming Of Jubliee!

drawing by ana traina

Clementine Paddlewick is claret clad today
Her horse she rides named Jubilee
Doesn’t whinny, run nor bray.

Clementine dreams so much of riding fast
Along with many others,
Inside that Big Top One Ring place
The Circus if she had her druthers.

But the thing that stops her
She believes,
Is her horse named Jubilee
For this horse is not from land or ranch
But actually from the sea!

This horse she has is wild, free
Just like our claret clad young lass
The things he does is swim and dive
A breast stroke no one’s surpassed.

But luck would have it, sweet Clementine
Is happy with her fate.
The Circus, she knows, as much as she wants
Just might have to wait.
A dream deferred, if you will,
For the one she loves so well,
She’d rather have her Jubilee
So tender, crazy and swell!