Friday, October 29, 2010

Tips from PiPs, the Garden Gnome!

photo by ana traina
Pips says, Apples have a long history of use in divination and Halloween party games, especially to foretell the future in matters of love. The methods of divination are varied and include counting the apple pips; burning the pips after naming each one with a young man's name and watching which ones explode in the fire; apple bobbing; Here is how Pips's friend, the British author W. H. Davenport Adams, who attributed belief in the prognosticative power of apples to "old Celtic fairy lore," described the game in his 1902 book, Curiosities of Superstition:

[The apples] are thrown into a tub of water, and you endeavor to catch one in your mouth as they bob round and round in provoking fashion. When you have caught one, you peel it carefully, and pass the long strip of peel thrice, sunwise, round your head; after which you throw it over your shoulder, and it falls to the ground in the shape of the initial letter of your true love's name. 
Other divination games traditionally played on Halloween included "snap apple" — similar to bobbing for apples except the fruit is hung from the ceiling on strings — and naming nutshells after prospective love interests and placing them near a fire to see which would burn steadily -- indicating true love — and which would crack or pop and fly off the hearth — revealing a passing fancy. Accordingly, in some parts of Great Britain Halloween used to be known as "Snap-Apple Night" or "Nutcrack Night."

BITS OF ODD AND END: Here is a little magic trick from PiPs himself, called, THE MAGIC GLASS, guranteed to be zingerificly amazing at any Hallow's Eve Party you may attend! 
When no one is looking, hide a match under the tablecloth. Announce your trick, and place the edge of a glass on the match. You can use a glass with liquid in it to make the trick look more dramatic. The match will support the glass at a strange and unusual angle!