Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zingertale News Flash -- Miss Bosco Captured!

photo by laura dinerman Marino
Undercover Detective O-D Cohen has single pawdedly captured Miss Bosco,  suspected in illegal trafficking of the Youtan Poluo flowers, and allegedly involved in the sudden disappearance of Lemon Drop, the Wondrous Bat Dog.  Miss Bosco was caught 50 miles south of the unsecured border of Kangaroo Island.  She was alone dogging a fishing boat when Undercover Detective O-D who was vacationing in the South Sea area noticed what he believed to be an SOS flare.  Little did he suspect, when answering the call for help, that he would be making his fluffiest collar to date. 
photo by ana traina
After a long growling interrogation session, a sad faced O-D made a statement to Zingertales, “ We are no closer to busting the dog-gone smugglers or findin’ Lemmie at this time. That Miss Bosco is a tough nut to crack. We believe she’s playing the whacky card as she just kept whining the same song over and over again! This old man, he played seven, He played knick-knack up in Heaven; Knick-knack paddywhack, Give a dog a bone,This old man came rolling home.”  What is Miss Bosco really saying?  The question lingers, is Lemmie a goner? Stay glued to Zingertalesandmore to find out! I’m Ana Traina and this is Zingertales