Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sources now say that Lemmie the wondrous bat dog aka Lemon Drop has her ears to the wind harking for any clues...  If you remember her nose lead her terribly astray in her last caper.  Lemmie was hot on the scent of justice and busted into the home of Miao Ding, 50, a Chinese nun living in the Lushan Mountain not so near the Jiangxi, really... When caught red handed by Lemmie, Miao Ding lickety-splickety explained, that she was cleaning when she discovered the cluster of white flowers under the washing machine.  At first she thought the barely-there stems were worm eggs, however, the next day she discovered that the stems had grown 18 white tiny flowers on top and smelled "fragrant." She was told by a local monk that these blooms were indeed specimens of the miraculous Youtan Poluo flower - called "Udumbara" or "Udambara" in Sanskrit, meaning "an auspicious flower from heaven." But Miao Ding believed, “it's all just horsee crap!”  Lemmie was not so convinced of Miao Ding's innocences, but scientists have now confirmed Ding’s story, the once believed Youtan Poluo flowers found under her washing machine are in fact only a common thread-like dung fungi that look exactly like worm eggs.  But now, as Lemmie walks the lonely road that only super heros and wondrous bat dogs walk, listening for any clues...savage lizard watch and wait and the hot sun and wicked wind beat down upon him -- 

tragic story by William Makepeace Thackeray whorled over and over like a annoying earwig wiggling in Lemmie's mind --
There lived a sage in the days of yore,
And he a handsome pigtail wore;
But wondered much, and sorrowed more,
Because it hung behind him.
He mused upon this curious case,
And swore he’d change the pigtail’s place,
And have it hanging at his face,
Not dangling there behind him.
Says he, “The mystery I’ve found -
I’ll turn round,” - he turned him around;
But still it hung behind him.
Then round and round, and out and in,
All the day the puzzled sage did a pin -
The pigtail hung behind him.
And right, and left, and round about, 
And up, and down, and in, and out
He turned; but still the pigtail stout
Hung steadily behind him
And though his efforts never slack,
And though he twist, and twirl, and tack,
Alas!  Against all doggie-odds Lemmie sniffed a bone, no sensed a bone and its seductive perfume was surely coming from the East.  Yes, the East is where she would find those smugglers...but little did Lemmie know what would be waiting for her just beyond the golden horizon --

The notorious Little Miss Firecracker and the most patriotic Miss Bosco! Are they Friends or are they Foes? Please write in and let us know your thoughts here at zingertails --  And the question still remains, will Lemmie aka Lemon Drop crack this case? Stay glued to Zingertalesandmore to find out! I’m Ana Traina and this is Zingertales.
Photos taken by Jane Shirek and Laura Dinerman Marino